Thursday, September 1, 2011

We did some other stuff too

We did lots of other things while we were in Maine. We spent a few days just hanging out at the camp ground, swimming in the ocean, collecting shells and sea glass and flying kites on the beach. The weather was beautiful and the water was pretty warm. The boys loved watching the tide go in and out, and Penobscot Bay at high tide provided just enough wave action to keep the boys happy. I have to admit here, having never been to Maine, that I was kind of expecting the tan sandy beaches of my childhood spring vacations in Florida with my grandparents, and this beach was nothing like that. It was very rocky and the waves were much calmer in the bay than out on the open ocean, but it was beautiful none the less. Many of the rocks were flat and perfect for skipping and the shells were a beautiful blue color. There was always a breeze and at low tide it was a beautiful place to take a walk , fly a kite, or look for sea creatures.

We also visited the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine. This museum reminded me a lot of the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. It had lots of small buildings depicting life in a coastal shipping village. Their collection of antique wooden boats kept the husband drooling and I really enjoyed the artwork on display by local artists. They also had lots of neat activities for the kids! The boys had fun playing on the huge model square-rigger mast, learning how to set the sails and climb to the top:

Some of us dressed up as fishermen:

And we happened upon the touch tank just as the keeper was arriving to clean it:

The boys LOVED the touch tank!

Finally, we enjoyed lots of delicious, fresh seafood! The Maine coast is dotted with establishments called “Lobster Pounds.” Every small coastal town seems to have one right on the water. Basically, the boats pull up in the morning, unload, and the fresh goodies are placed in large tanks with circulating sea water. You can buy your live clams, crabs, mussels or lobsters and take them home or have them cooked right in front of you. Not really a restaurant, as they don't serve alcohol or any side dishes, they do have picnic table and seating areas inside and out by the water and you may bring your own side dishes and drinks to enjoy there. We stopped at Young's Lobster Pound

and purchased a pound of fresh mussels (for $1.99/pound, unheard of inland where we live!) Back at the campground, I sauteed them in some butter, garlic and white wine and we had them with a plate of pasta. Can you say delicious!!

We went back a few nights later and decided to picnic! We ordered some lobster and clams and possibly the most delicious bowl of crab chowder I have ever eaten!

Everything was yummy!! While the teen was not a fan of the lobster, the other 2 boys loved it. We hope to go back someday...soon!

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  1. While I'm no fan of mussels, I'm impressed and intrigued that you whipped up a campground sautée with butter, garlic, white wine and pasta. I kinda wish I were along for the ride!