Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Update

Wow...been a while since I've been here! The months have flown by and I can't believe that we're less than 3 months away from hitting the road. It's been pretty busy around here what with school and work and kids and all. Despite the winter that really wasn't we were able to be out on the slopes almost every weekend. The boys had a great season and the Teen added snowboarding to his repertoire. I don't think he'll be going back to skis...ever. He picked up boarding pretty fast and I can no longer keep up with him.

But, spring has arrived and travel preparations are in full swing. We had a REALLY unusual warm weather week and took the opportunity to remove what was left of the tarp covering the King for the winter.  It was in pretty bad shape and we were afraid that one good gust of wind would rip off the tarp and take the roof with it.   

Since we didn't win half a billion dollars in the lottery for a new RV, we're having some mechanical work done this week. We found a very colorful but great mechanic and dropped the King off Sunday night. He's been updating us each day and I'm really enjoying coming home from work and listening to his salty, no nonsense description of what new issue they found today and how he thinks we should deal with it. So far we have new rear brakes, repaired front breaks, some new engine oil cooler tubes, and a new temperature gauge. He also proclaimed the husbands electrical work “solid” and said everything else looks pretty good. We should be able to pick it up on Monday. The husband has quite a list of other repairs to make next week during spring break. He'll be replacing most of the marker lights along the top and today bought two new front seats that will have to be installed in the cab. We're also looking at replacing the two chairs and the table in the camper with a jackknife sofa that will flip down like a futon and probably be a more comfortable place for the Teen to sleep. We're hoping to have it ready in time for one more short test trip before we head west.

Speaking of heading west, we also have a date and a first destination!! Get ready Columbus Ohio cousins, because we're bringing the crazy bus to your house first, on June 27th!! After spending a few days catching up we'll be heading west, most likely through St. Louis then west through Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Finally, my mom has an awesome sense of humor, found this and put it in my Christmas stocking. I'm so hanging it up inside the King when we pick it up next week!

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  1. Y'know, if you have to head downward and west, why not return eastward and up, passing through Chattanooga. I've got no place to put you up in my itty bitty apartment, but I can give you guys a great tour of town. Think about've got months to decide! ;-)

    And I love the sign your mom picked out!