Monday, November 12, 2012


The King is in storage for the winter.  We took it there last night, after spending the last few weeks cleaning up, winterizing and repairing the damage from the blown tire.  New plywood replaces the floor where the hole was, so hopefully no small creatures will take up residence inside.  We have a friend with some land and some storage buildings where the King will ride out the winter months, freeing up some driveway space.  He really packs them in!!

The last few weeks of our trip really flew by, and I kinda fell behind with postings and pictures.  After Mount Rushmore we made a few more stops, at Wall Drug and Badlands National Park in South Dakota and The Dells and Oshkosh in Wisconsin.  We ended our trip much like we began, with lots of great visits catching up with family and friends.  Wall Drug was kitchy and fun!  We had breakfast there and spent some time just looking at all the wacky stuff for sale.  I think we were also able to convince the little dude that Jackalopes were a real animal, as he spent much of the afternoon looking out the window for them along the side of the road!

The Husband even made a new friend while we were there!

South Dalota was really beautifull and we loved Badlands National Park.  It is much smaller than many of the other parks we visited, and this sign kinda freaked me out a bit...

They were EVERYWHERE!! At the visitors center, trail heads and every few miles along each of the trails we hiked.  Luckily we had a rattlesnake free day and enjoyed hiking the trails and climbing on the rock formations.  They were very cool!

Our last stop before meeting back up with family and friends was Wisconsin.  We took a Duck Boat Tour and did some touristy things in the Dells,

 Then it was off to Oshkosh, and a visit to the EAA Air Venture Museum!  Loads of planes and history and simulators and cool things to see and do, the boys loved it!  But the highlight was when Ed took the boys out to Pioneer Airport where they each got a turn to go up with a pilot and fly an actual plane!!

How cool is that!  It may have been the highlight of their trip!

But, as all good things must come to an end, it was time to start heading back home, with just a few stops to visit family and friends.  We decided first to go back to the beginning and spend a night in Columbus, Ohio sharing our adventures with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!

We made another stop in Central Pennsylvania to visit Grandma and to meet our new cousin Joey!!  Joey was born in July, I think while we were in Colorado.  He's super cute and really smiley!  The boys were so hapy to finally meet him!

Our last stop was Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where we met up with the Boy Scout Troop and a bunch of wonderful friends.  What a great way to end such an awesome adventure!  First, we toured the battlefield on horseback.

Next, we visited the fabulous museum and the Eisenhower farm, where the little dude added to his collection of Junior Ranger badges and pins by becoming and honorary Secret Service Member!

We squeezed in some time for a quick swim in the campground pool before heading off to a haunted Ghost Tour of the town,

And ended with a driving tour of the battlefield monuments before beginning our long drive back to Buffalo.

The King was a bit of a wreck by the time we got home, but it was a wonderful trip, full of amazing memories, that ended with Grandma and Grandpa greeting us at our house with pizza and wings.  I can't think of a better way to end our adventure, and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!!


  1. So, next summer you'll do it all again, but across Canada? ;-)

    1. Nope! Next summer we're planning to head your way!!