Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Demolition of the kitchen is complete and we're ready for the contractor to get started on the re-wiring and plumbing that needs to be done before the wall structure can come down.  We are hoping that will happen sometime this week as our cabinets are done and ready to be installed and the appliances will be here in a week!  Here are some pictures of the destruction

We didn't find any real structural surprises.  Lots of wires to move, but nothing that we weren't really expecting.  We did however find some very interesting things as we removed the old cupboards, floor and drywall, including this coupon for Diet-Rite Cola

And this matchbox car

And some headlights for a model car

But the most surprising discovery came when we pulled down the ceiling.  We've never really been sure exactly when our house was built.  All the information on the survey recorded with the town indicate that it was built in 1959, but the deed lists it as being built in 1960.  Most of the other houses on our block were built between 1961 and 1964.  Then the husband found this wedged up in the ceiling when he took out the drywall

It's dated February, 1959.  I did a little research and according to Wikipedia, Rouge Magazine competed directly with Playboy and was published in Chicago from 1955 to 1967.  It contained both fiction and science fiction articles and over the course of its publication featured stories by Hunter S. Thompson, William Saroyan and Philip Wylie.   This issue does have some pictures of some fairly well known women, including Marilyn Monroe.  The advertisements in the back are awesome!  Here are some of our favorites

The Amazing Portable Radio

Possibly, my favorite add ever!  With a money back guarantee!

Some things haven't changed much in the last 54 years!
I'll admit when the husband first found it I headed straight for eBay to see if our find would perhaps help finance this new adventure.  Alas, most issues that I found, in good condition, were fetching a paltry $25 to $30 bucks.  Not exactly the gold mine we were hoping for.  So now we are trying to decide what to do with it.  We're considering purchasing a current copy of a magazine and placing both back in the ceiling for someone else to find 60 tears from now when they renovate.  If you have any suggestions, pass them along!  For now it's hidden under some tile samples, away from the 3 amigos.

Finally, here's a shot of the husband checking the attic where the chimney used to be during last weeks rain storm.  WooHoo!  No Leaks!!


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  1. So many memories in that kitchen and dining room... Best wishes! Can't wait to see the after pix!! Beth D