Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The '80s Called...They Want Their Stuff Back

A couple more days until the end of school.  Next week we hope to start pulling everything out, cleaning the motor home out and getting ready to do some camping!  Here are some pictures I took last weekend.  We'll call them the "before's"

He better not get too comfortable in that seat...

The bunk up above the cab.  Note the "plush" pink upholstery.

The bedroom and bathroom in the back of the motor home.  There may be an issue with the shower.

Who's up for some Trivial Pursuit at the table while we cruise!  The lace curtains are a nice extra touch.

I love that the big, burly Marine we bought it from kept the fruit magnets!

I got a fever...and the only cure is more cowbell.  And of course more lace curtains.

We're totally keeping this sign!


  1. More cowbell, indeed. The boys look right at home already.

  2. There may be a sleepout in the driveway this weekend!

  3. wow, cool motorhome!! u need to make a trip to Texas!!!