Sunday, July 31, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

Remember a few posts back...when I mentioned the insane number of vehicles in the driveway in the hopes that the husband would let go of a few of them. Well, we're down a vehicle...but not exactly in the way I was hoping. The husband and the teen were involved in an accident last week. I'm extremely grateful that no one in either vehicle was seriously injured, but we are down one big blue truck for the foreseeable future. They were on their way to pick up supplies at the marine store to finish building the teen's boat when they were hit...oh, the irony.

Repairs to the “King of the Road's” engine are complete and it's running very well. I think there is a good chance we'll make it to Maine problem free in a couple of weeks! Good news, with the husband out of town for work and me the single parent of 3 boys until then...I'll be picking out my lobster wines and loading them up before we leave!

The teen has learned quite a bit about spark plugs, oil changes and alternator belt adjustments:

He's actually pretty good at problem solving and has been a big help. But his favorite thing to do is start it up when it's time to test it out:

He better not get too comfortable in that seat...I've got 3 years left until I have to teach him to drive and I have no intention of rushing it!

We've also started to plan out our trip for next summer! I totally stole this idea from our Oswego friends because it looked like a super fun way to involve the boys in the planning stages:

We bought a great big map of the United States that includes all the capitol cities and National Parks. I mounted the map on a foam board, hung it on the wall, and let them stick map pins in wherever they want to go. It is kinda helping us to map out a route as we need to start making some reservations VERY soon. Apparently, many National Parks fill up nearly a year in advance. We've also decided to head south first, working our way toward the Grand Canyon, up the west coast, then back home across the northern states. At the moment there are way more pins and places marked than we will be able to see on this trip, so trips down the east coast and into Canada may be planned for the future. We can't wait to get started!!     

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