Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

Well, it took me a week but I've completely emptied out and wiped down every surface inside the motor home. I was slowed down a little bit by an allergic reaction, I'm pretty sure to some cleaning product I used, and spent a day in a bit of an antihistamine fog. Good times, good times. Found a few interesting things favorite being this lovely sparkly headband, probably (hopefully?) left behind after a child's dance recital.

We also found a fun little fire hazard. A bunch of papers and this slightly melted cutting board:

They were shoved down between some drawers and the furnace. The papers were mostly coloring book pages, but we did also find a rabies certificate for a German shepherd mix named “Pepsi” and a New York State Insurance certificate from 2005:

I also found 2 bottles of this:

It's called AQUA-KEM and is apparently a “concentrated liquid holding tank deodorant.” According to the bottle it “eliminates waste odor” and “liquifies waste/digests toilet tissue.” I'm trying hard not to think about this part of the trip...

The boys have also now all camped out in it overnight, in the driveway of course. We hope to have it ready to go for an out of town overnight in a couple of weeks. It needs 2 new tires before we can take it anywhere and we are having some trouble finding the right size tires for it. We've also reserved a week at a campground on the beach in Maine for later this summer.  I'll post more pictures as I get things put back together!  


  1. where in Maine?? r u trying to make me insanely jealous now??? beth

  2. Mid-coast, right on the beach but near Acadia. There are cabins nearby...come with us!! Lobsters and wine on the beach baby!!