Monday, July 2, 2012


I took this picture at the Metro Link station this morning...

Really, whomever is pushing this button needs to just knock it off.  It was 102 degres today, and it's going to stay over 100 all week as we head through Oklahoma.  Did I mention it was in the low 80's at home today.  Blissfull...

The extreme heat is messing with the AC and the fridge in the King.  The AC unit on the roof did take a hit from a sizeable branch during that thunderstorm in Columbus, but was working when we got to St. Louis.  By this morning however, it was clearly no longer capeable of producing cool air and when we got back tonight after a day of sightseeing in the hot sun the King felt like an oven.  We turned it off and gave it a rest and now it does seem to be cooling again!!  Hurrah!!  We are going to see if we can have someone take a look at it this week, just to make sure that it can keep us cool in the desert.

We really enjoyed the Arch and the National Park here in St. Louis.  I have a lot of thoughts about this city, and found it to be similar to our own hometown in many ways, but tonight we were busy packing up as we want to get on the road early, before it gets super hot.  For now, here's one of my favorite pictures from today, a cool picture of the shadow of the arch I took while we were at the top.

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