Sunday, June 3, 2012


I had a panic attack Friday morning, standing in my 1st period class when the student on the morning announcements exclaimed jubilantly that it was FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST! It hit me that we are only 27 days (now only 24 days!!) away from hitting the road. The motor home renovations are coming along, but we still have a lengthy list of things to finish up, repair and organize.  I also thought it would be a good idea if I put together a spreadsheet to start tracking what we have spent on our little adventure.  All our expenses to date are related to renovations and repairs to The King and we've spent about $6500 on that so far.  Not bad considering a new motor home about the same size goes for at least $40,000, but still, it seems like a lot considering we haven't even pulled out of the driveway yet.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...
I took some pictures of the inside of the King a few weeks ago. No seats, loose wires, stuff everywhere...what a mess.

Good news, it doesn't look like this anymore. The radio is in and we've pretty much finished the electrical work inside. The only things still not working (that we know of) are the furnace and the oven. We can get the pilot light in the oven to light, but then it goes out, so the husband ordered some parts. He thinks he knows what the problem is. The parts haven't come in yet.

So, where has all that money gone?  Since the teen continues to eat us out of house and home he's now considerably taller than the husband (he's been taller than me since the 5th grade), and no longer fits on the bed made by lowering the table. So, we purchased a “Jackknife” sofa to replace the 2 broken down chairs we pulled out of the main seating area. It looks much nicer and folds down into a bed for the teen. It's also much more comfortable. It still needs to be bolted into place.

We also replaced the mattress in the back part of the cabin.  At 27 years old, the original was in pretty bad shape and considering the amount of sightseeing and walking we plan to do we decided it would be best.  It is, of course, an "odd size" and therefore had to be special ordered.  We're lucky to have a wonderful local company, Otis Bed Manufacturing, that made one exactly the right size in about a week.  I went to pick it up and was rather surprised at the size of the seemed rather small:

The box also had very specific opening instructions and the man who put it in my car reminded me, more than once, not to open the box until we had it INSIDE the motor home.  It was packed in there pretty impressively.

We've made some repairs and improvements outside too. One of the awning brackets had come loose and was clearly at some point going to come off completely. The husband spent the better part of a weekend taking it apart, filing in the old holes with epoxy then repositioning and reattaching the bracket. It works much better now.

Finally, the boys picked out a great mother's day gift! A new spare tire cover!! Here's the old one:

And the new one the boys bought me:

I couldn't agree more!  Now let's just hope we don't need that spare tire!

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