Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arrrrr, We Be Leaving Soon!

Pirate Ian has been cleared by the neurologist and is ready to go!

We were able to get an appointment with a wonderful neurologist yesterday who asked a ton of questions and looked at the little dude's MRI. Officially, it seems that he has an over active immune system that, while fighting the virus that was making him sick last week, attacked the myelin coating on the number 6 nerve that controls eye movement in his left eye. It will heal, given time, but as the myelin has to re-grow completely, it could take 4-6 and even possibly 8 weeks. He will have to have a follow up MRI when we get home, but there is no reason why we can't enjoy our summer plans. In the mean time, he has to wear an eye patch on and off over the good eye, so that the left eye doesn't become lazy as it heals. The doctor also told him to say Arrrrr a lot and to maybe look into getting a parrot. If he calls me a scurvy wench I'm totally leaving him at Alcatraz.

So, the countdown is back on and we're inside 3 days! We have a few more reservations to make, a couple of things to fix and a whole lot of packing to do. The only major thing still not working is the oven. The husband called again yesterday and they believe the parts may come in on Monday. I believe we will be traveling without an oven...

We finished up the last building project a few days ago. Since we put in the jack knife bed, the aisle was too narrow for the original ladder we had to get up to the bunk above the cab, so the husband and the little dude designed and built a new one. They did a great job and it looks really cool! The little dude loved helping to varnish it.

The next couple of days will be spent looking over what we need to take, what we want to take, and what we can do without. We have lots of packing to do. The boys are looking forward to some museum time with their cousins as they have been told that the science museum has a Mythbusters exhibit right now!! How perfectly cool is that!

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