Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Limbo

Another school year has ended.  This year the teen finished middle school and will be heading off to high school in the fall, and the middle guy graduated from 5th grade today.  Middle school here we come!  Next year I'll have one kid at 3 different schools.  Let the good times roll!  I took some pictures at 8th grade graduation last week and this one is my favorite, the teen with his 5th grade teacher.

They were just about the same height when he was in her class. 

Here's my favorite picture from today, the middle guy at his award ceremony with Grandma and Grandpa.

And another one of the middle guy with all three fabulous 5th grade teachers.

We are down under the one week mark until we had originally planned to leave, but right now all our travel plans are on hold.  The little dude is feeling much better, but is still having problems with one eye.  We took him for an MRI on Monday which indicated an abnormality in one nerve leading to one of the muscles that controls his eye movement.  The pediatrician said it could very well be caused by whatever virus he had last week, and that it may go away on its own, but that he needs to see a pediatric neurologist before we leave.  The earliest appointment they were able to get is not until July 2nd, so now we hope for a cancellation to get him in sooner.  Keep your fingers crossed that we can get him in and that he's soon cleared for travel.

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  1. First, wow, your parents look practically the same as when WE were in 8th grade.

    Second, here's hoping "little dude" is back to spiffy in a jiffy. Maybe you could show up at the office every morning with cookies until they squeeze you in? Wait, they might want you to come back every day to see how long the cookies last. Perhaps you should take along something/someone less appealing... like, shall we say, an elder statesman of the get them to hasten your departure? ;-)