Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Love the Mailman

Because today he brought me lots of fun boxes!!
I had some fun on this weekend!  There were a few things we needed and a few others that we thought would be fun to have, and for the most part the shipping is free.  The teen helped open the boxes after school.  I bought this tea kettle for the husband.  It weighs next to nothing and he'll be able to use it on backpacking trips with the boy scouts.  I also bought a collapsible drip coffee maker to satisfy my caffeine addiction.  And we learned last year that a single pie iron just doesn't cut it for a family of 5, unless you're good with spending about 2 hours cooking dinner over an open fire.  I found a double one that should speed up the dinner preparations considerably.  It came with some pretty interesting recipes that we're looking forward to trying!

Of course, with three boys in scouting I have several bags of boy scout popcorn in the house and the air popper gets a pretty good workout many Friday nights.  But, this summer we won't always have electricity, so I was really excited to find this

   It's an old timey, shake it over fire, long handled popcorn popper!!  It took the husband a little bit to figure out how to attach the handle, but when taken apart it stores in a pretty small space.  Can't wait to try it out!  Finally, I bought a package of 4 travel bugs to use when we go geocaching

We're going to start one off here in the Buffalo area this weekend, plan to start another one in the south west, one in California, and the last one in the plains on our way back east.  It should be interesting for the boys to follow them and see where they go!!

The King is heading back to the mechanic on Monday for it's New York State inspection.  Hopefully we get the a-okay that everything has been safely repaired and we're ready to go.  Keep your fingers crossed that it passes 

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